Wednesday, 26 September 2007

No news today

No news today
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For reasons that I am prepared to divulge I no longer consume any of the Israeli news media, with the exception of looking at the cover page of Maariv every morning. Today's issue is classic in that there's not a single items on the cover that could be defined as "news" in the conventional old-fashioned sense of the term.

For some months there has been not much "news" in the media and Maariv's cover page has slowly been taken over by lifestyle and and trivial stories. Today is, however, the peak of achievement. I personally I would be happy with a banner headline "No news today" and Simpsons cartoons on the rest of the cover page. But I'm not sure they'll oblige. The ditors might argue that, on the eve of a holiday nobody wants "news" but maybe the truth is that the Israeli public is tired of all the traditional news anyway.

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